Jawbone UP 3 – Time to UP your fitness!

I have been using the Jawbone UP 2 for quite some time now and although I really liked the fitness tracker, it always left me wanting more.

The device was cool, light, comfortable and definitely tracked my movement quite accurately. When I first got it, it required you to set when you were going to sleep to enable sleep tracking and with time and several updates, the device managed to do that by itself, but it never was 100% accurate and you’d have to check your sleep records and adjust according to your actual sleep.

I got send the UP3 to review, and I could not be more excited about a fitness tracker! First of all, it could monitor my heart rate, which was a serious component missing from the UP2 and of course, it turned out black, which beats grey any day!

What’s in the box?

The box is very typical Jawbone packaging and looked identical to the UP2 I had earlier. Clear description on the front, and more details around the back.

Jawbone Up 3 - Box

Once you lift the soft tab and pull out the inside compartment, you see one thing and one thing only; the UP3.

Jawbone Up 3 - Unboxed

The box also comes with instruction manuals and a USB charging cable that attaches via magnet, but more on that in my unboxing and review video below.

UP3 Specifications

The UP3 maybe a tiny little activity tracker but it packs some serious punch!

On the outside, it is made of Medical-grade hypoallergenic TPU rubber for the strap and Anodized aluminum with less than 0.5% nickel for the casing. The whole UP3 has the dimensions of 220mm x 12.2mm x 3.0mm-9.3mm and only weighs 29 grams and is barely noticeable.

Jawbone Up 3 - Colors

It also comes in several colors: Black Twist (as tested), Ruby Cross, Silver Cross, Sand Twist, Teal Cross, Indigo Twist. Cross models represent a cross shaped pattern and twist is a twisted look as the picture above and in my test UP3.

Jawbone Up 3 - Construction

On the inside, it has a 38 mAh battery good for up to 7 days of use and has Bluetooth 4.0, a Tri-axis accelerometer, Bio-impedance: Heart rate, respiration and Galvanic Skin Response sensors. The device charges in roughly 60 minutes from dead to full with the supplied charger.

Have the looks really changed?

Not really, no.

Jawbone Up 3 - Up3 vs Up2 Top

On the top side, there is a visual change in pattern and design, but not much else.

Jawbone Up 3 - Up3 vs Up2 Bottom

The bottom is identical to the UP2.

Although the looks have not changed much, I don’t see an issue with that as the original design was clean, simple and easy on the eyes. It never came across as a hefty fitness device like some of it’s competitors that come with a screen. The UP has always has LED lights and App integration to provide data more efficiently.

Unboxing, Review and UP2 Comparison

Official Advert

As soon as the UP3 was announced, it was the world’s most advanced fitness tracker, which is always a great way to start or end a discussion involving your fitness tracker!

Overall, I think Jawbone have created an evolutionary updated to the UP2 with a better locking mechanism, heart rate sensor, more accurate readings and updated looks on the UP3. I would definitely recommend it for an understated, yet effective, fitness tracker!

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