How to get paid apps & money for free on your phone

We have all seen ways to make money online, whether through surveys, clicks, or other random and peculiar ways of making money. I have checked upon some of these throughout my life and they have all seemed to be nothing but a waste of time, and even the ones that do pay for real, pay so little it isn’t even worth the time.

Weirdly enough, I was recommended to try a few applications by a famous Tech guy which claimed to offer paid applications for free by trying out their sponsored applications for free. I tried a few and I thought I would pick the best one, review it, and recommend it to everyone I know.

The application is called Feature Points. What feature points does is, they get in touch with application developers of both Android and iOS and ask them to sponsor feature points. In return, the end user (all of us) we get to see the latest and greatest free applications for our phone on their application, and if we try the 100% free applications, we get a certain amount of points, and what we do with these points is the cool part, we can trade these points in for PAID applications, gift cards for like iTunes and Amazon, Paypal money transfers (Can you believe that?!) and even occasionally get the chance to exchange them for devices.

Surely, you aren’t going to download an app or two and exchange the points for a new iPad, but here is the thing, it takes no effort what so ever, you get to see the latest and greatest free apps, and earn points for trying them out. It will take some time and it has become, for me, one of the things I do every few days. I have exchanged my points for a paid app and now I am collecting for some more cool stuff!

The reason why I want to spread this, and surely will be the reason you spread this is, referrals get 50% of the points! So if your friend’s downloads a totally free app for some points, you get 50% of those points! Accumulate a few friends and you got tons of points!

Feature Points Main Page

Once you click on this link from your mobile device, Android or iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), it will take you to register the device (no personal details or anything even) and it will bring you to the above page where you will see the latest app offers, your points, and the number of friends you have.

As for some of the rewards here are just two random screen shots from the long list of possible rewards you can exchange points for.

Feature Points Rewards Page 1 Feature Points Rewards Page 2

There are always newer rewards and applications being added, and I think feature points is one of the best applications in giving rewards and referral rewards. So sign up! visit the link and get myself and yourself free points and even money!

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